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Three Tips to Celebrate Mother's Day Without Breaking the Bank

Let's show the mamas we care and stay within our budget.

Got a cool mama in your life you’re celebrating this weekend?

Mother’s Day is right around the corner— it’s this Sunday, May 14th. For those who are tight with their moms, this day is a big deal. Also, if you’re a parent and have a mama co-parent, and your kiddo is too little to put something together for Mother’s Day— surprise! Mother’s Day coordinating is on you. But as much as we want to celebrate our moms on Sunday, we also want to make sure we’re not straying from our spending plan. So here are three ways to do something special for mom, without breaking the bank.

#1. Lean into Bed Bath and Beyond’s fire sale.

As you know from last week’s newsletter, BB&B is closing its doors forever. This means there are some gigantic discounts and going-out-of-business sales right now. On the BB&B website, everything is 10-40% off. But, if you can, try to visit a store IRL; because in order to get something to your mom by Sunday, at this point, you may need to pay for expedited shipping… and there’s no need to do that, if you don’t have to.

#2. Buy gift cards at a discount.

I’ve mentioned on before on my podcast that a quick way to get a few bucks is to sell unused gift cards for a cash discount; well, now you can take advantage of that same system, in reverse! If you haven’t heard of this, there are several sites where people can sell unused gift cards for cash, at a slight loss. So, for example, you might be able to pay $40 cash for a $50 Target gift card that you can use towards a gift for mom. That’s free money— and we love that!

#3. Unite with your tribe.

We know a golden rule of shopping is that discounts come to those who buy in bulk. So, if you’ve been eyeing a necklace for your mom— or if your mom has been eyeing a necklace and has dropped some not-so-subtle hints— coordinate with a couple of friends that are down to go the jewelry route for Mother’s Day. Then, see if the store will give you a discount if you buy more than one thing. If your negotiation works, you can spread the discount love when you and your friends settle-up. Not to mention: if you lead the charge on buying bulk for your group, then you get the added bonus of helping your friends find the best deals. Brownie points for you, ice for your mom.

If you want two extra tips, I got you! Check out my special Mother’s Day ep of Money Rehab here.